What Does It Cost For A Colocation Dedicated Hosting Service?

A colocation data centre offers a secure environment to place your own server and related gear Instead of storing it on a shelf in your office or adjacent to the fridge at the warehouse. The very last thing you need is to get is the online company ruined by an accident or vandalism, therefore safety in a colocation dedicated hosting service is paramount, and naturally it’ll cost you a little money.

However, what exactly does it cost to conduct your online small business? The extra price for a colocation would be well worth the extra, especially if you’re an e-commerce merchant, content provider or other sort of consumer that demands a trusted Internet setup.


The prices depend on if you’re using your old gear that you’ve been using, which may quickly become obsolete or your buying new gear. The price of gear is the largest outlay and that, naturally, is dependent upon your personal taste and use.

Rack Unit Charges

Your host needs to be mounted in a safe environment that is stored at a constant temperature. The stand components “U” only under two inches in height and a complete rack of 40 U is all about six feet in height. The number of U’s are needed is dependent upon the number of servers your company needs. The further you need, the less it costs.


You’ll also need to pay for the uplink that links your own server to their own server and the Internet. The benefit is that whatever you are doing is ala carte and as such you just pay for what you need.

Tech Support

Since the owner of the host you’re accountable for your own hardware and software. If anything need diagnostic or repair, your technician person will need to respond – 24/7 that you need your website to be working all of the time. That price tag a part of your citizenship. Most data centers that supply a colocation dedicated hosting service supply, for a fee, technician support based on various degrees of usage.