Brainwave Entrainment Is The Simplest Way To Open Your Brow Chakra

The simplest and speediest way to start out your own Brow Chakra, would be to utilize a brainwave entrainment meditation, a clinically established medium that introduces particular sound waves into your mind, shifting its frequency to resonate from the frequency of this chakra.  Entrainment makes it possible to keep up a steady frequency in theta (meditative), removing the typical starts and stops that you may encounter if you attempted to get it all on your own.

Is The Brow Chakra Open?

Try this and find out.

* Close your eyes.

* Can you find a light, a color?

* Can you see blue, gold, or purple?

* Odds are, even if you find one of these colors, your brow or third eye chakra could be starting to start.

* If you find something on your peripheral vision, keep your mind and eyes and turn your internal attention, to concentrate on what you’re seeing.  Occasionally your bodily eyesight will over-lap your internal vision.  This also is a indication that your Brow Chakra is currently opening.

Some Truth About understanding the third eye

* Fixing the chakras through natural development, from up the Root, will start the Brow Chakra.

* If you start too fast, you might encounter an overload of information coming out of the planet.

* The crown chakra reaches to the Brow or Third eye chakra, also transmits itself pure energy.

* To trigger the Brow, the pineal gland and the adrenal gland must vibrate in unison, which can be accomplished through the meditative state.

* Theta brainwave frequency will be the vibration that will start the Brow.

* A feeling of ego vanishes in theta wave.  You’re resting but remain conscious.

* Theta opens the brink between the collective mind and your conscious brain nation.

* If your brain is resonating at a diminished brainwave frequency, your own consciousness is more worried about your religious condition tripping the brow chakra.  There’s a natural split between spiritual and physical.